Tea Party for Kids May10


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Tea Party for Kids

Are you seeking for the best tea party? Make some empty spaces in your living room to get together for tea party with your buddies. A youngster’s especially young girl loves this party. This article will guide you on how to arrange such gathering. The cherry tree turned out to be a good-sized branch of barberry which of course at this time of year was bare. A flower holder in the bottom of an old-fashioned jardinière held it upright. To keep it from tipping sidewise the jardinière was filled with clean white sand. The leaves and cherries on this tree were cut from construction paper and fastened to the tree by placing them on the tiny barberry thorns. The tree was very eye-catching and held a prominent place in the center of the living room, but this tree was more than decoration it started off the fun.

Each girl was directed to take her turn in choosing a leaf from the tree. When the first girl had made her choice she discovered written on the back of her leaf an easy historical question such as “Name two famous women who had birthdays in May.” If she could answer the question correctly she had a second choice. If she preferred to choose a cherry she could do so, but here was the joker. Some of the cherries were blank on the back, others bore this sentence, and “I did it with my little hatchet.” If her cherry was a blank she could then draw another leaf. But if her cherry had a sentence on the back she was required to do a stunt for the crowd sing a song, turn a handspring, tell a story, or what have you. She could make her own choice.’

In this game the winner was the gal who had answered correctly the greatest number of historical questions. It was her privilege to impose forfeits in the way of stunts on the rest of the girls. It is very vital that you know what to do and cooperate with the activities, so you can enjoy the party.